Sports Massage

You are not a one size fits all, you are unique. We understand that, and that is why when you come to Apex Sports Massage, your session will be custom to your active lifestyle. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, our mission is to help you perform your best!

Pre-event massage is a fast-paced massage and light stretching that is meant to warm up tissues. PEM along with the normal benefits of warming up like increasing flexibility and decreasing chances of injury also helps warm up muscle tissue without expending your energy and reserving it for the comp. We recommend (PEM) within minutes of a race comp and only schedule 15-30 min sessions. Contact us for more details.
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Post-Event Massage is meant to help relieve sore muscles and get you feeling better faster. We apply lighter massage strokes and light stretching. We also recommend pairing PEM with ice treatments and cupping to assist in your recovery. We usually recommend a 60-90 minute session for PEM. Contact us for more details.
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Is for athletes that have recovered 1-2 weeks post season or post comp and do not have any events in the near future. This massage is usually a deeper massage that addresses muscles that have fully recovered. This massage is ideal for those that want in-depth and specific work for recovered muscles. We recommend a 90-120 minute MM. Contact us for more details.
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Injury Sports Massage

Our goal is to assist you in recovering better and faster. Contact us for more details, or check out our Google reviews to see what our clients are saying!

Sports Maintenance Massage

Better flexibility, Injury prevention, and overall wellness. We are here to support you on the off season too! Contact us for more details.


Cupping can be an add-on therapy, or you can have a complete session with just cupping. Cups work up to four inches deep into the body, helping us get into the deeper tissues. They can even work into your organs! If we can’t get into the more stubborn deep tissues or if you don’t like deeper pressure but want deep tissue results, cupping is a great option! Contact us for more details.

Myofacial Stretching: (MFS)

MFS is not just stretching! It’s our advanced way of providing stretching. We will help you increase flexibility and range of motion with a combination of myofascial release massage techniques that pair well with stretching therapy. Contact us for more details.

Corporate Massage

Why sports massage in the office? We provide massage for high performers, that is why CEO’s love us! Relaxation and decreased pain is the best incentive for your team! Contact us for more details.

Retreats & Local Vacations

That’s right we will follow you on vacation or take us with the company! Contact us for more details. Contact us for more details.