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Akwasi Frimpong
What you need for success is already planted deep down inside of you. The root of your success starts in believing in yourself, then it is nurtured with a positive attitude, and then hard work and persistence will bring your success to reality - Akwasi Frimpong

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Core 7 Fitness

Core 7 integrates 7 Fundamentals of Fitness and brings them into one full platform. Perfect for any fitness level. Here, fitness is not about being better than your neighbor, it’s about pushing yourself to be better than you were before. At Core 7, we believe in seeing the whole picture. The key to success in the journey to the optimal you is maintaining a balanced focus on these key fundamentals while doing what you love and having fun! Fit is not a final destination, but a way of life!


Exclusive casual and activewear operated by GEM USA LLC and created by Ghana's first skeleton Olympian, Akwasi Frimpong. Frimpong is an example of someone who refused to give up on his dreams and used setbacks to push himself harder. Akwasi Frimpong became a household name after the 2018 Winter Olympics and in 2020 he became the first African to win a skeleton race. Akwasi is more than an athlete. He is a father, entrepreneur, and philanthropist who believes what you need for success is already planted inside of you. He believes success comes from believing in yourself with a positive attitude combined with hard work and persistence. Be the voice of HOPE, be the change you seek, and dare to dream when you rock the FRIMPONG brand inspired by Akwasi Frimpong’s positivity and African roots.

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Non Profits We Proudly Support

Holding Out HELP

Holding Out HELP (HOH) is focused on providing full-service care to people from a polygamous background. The HOH team and trusted volunteers have worked diligently to understand the distinct needs of this population. HOH provides housing, food, clothing, counseling, education, and other services aiding in each client’s transition to reach self-sufficiency.



A portion of Polished sales support single-parent families in the communities we serve. To date, The Single Parent Project has proudly raised more than $100,000 – and we are not slowing down! This non-profit organization aims to increase public awareness of the struggles single-parent families have and to provide them with support and resources. We believe everyone deserves to feel safe in their homes. The Single Parent Project strives to empower communities to address the needs of the working single parent and their children. It’s our goal to help single-parent families regain independence, address any mental health issues and become self-reliant.


Single Parent Project

The Single Parent Project is dedicated to providing financial relief to single parents in need. We are committed to bettering the lives of single-parent families, by advocating for their needs, and offering resources for educational and mental health purposes.